Bow Loom Weaving


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"Primitive Loom" is a misnomer, I feel, because simple looms can yield complex and exquisite art. These little gems of a loom are used in Thailand to weave bands with beaded selveges, used then on the headdress of the locals. The bow loom is nearly the simplest of all loom designs, yet it does its job well: It holds the warp threads under tension. This class in always a big hit and since the students own their loom after the class, they will have many future projects to enjoy.

The Bow Loom is an ancient technique using a simple, portable loom to make narrow, beaded bands. The technique is used in ethnic groups in Thailand to make bands for their exquisite headdresses. The weaving is quick and fun and so portable, you can weave on the bus. No previous weaving experience is necessary and the loom goes home with you for many more hours of weaving. This is a great introduction to ethnic weaving.