Guild Presentations

Marilyn's Guild Presentations are multi-media experiences, running 1-1.5 hours in length and always offering lots of relevant eye-candy for your members to touch and photograph. Presently, Marilyn has 4 available:

1.5 hour class: PowerPoint Presentation

Enter the land of the wonders that come off the back-strap loom. Guatemala is a country long recognized by the weaving world as one of the must-see places for its intricate skill, its astounding variety, as well as its riotous colors. This lecture slide show will give you a taste of the beautiful work that is still made and worn throughout the highlands of Guatemala, including cultural context and lots of hands-on textile examination.

Travel to India in this multi-media presentation. We weavers delight in items crafted by the human hand, and the traditional crafts found in the state of Gujarat are a wealthy inheritance all makers can enjoy. Weaving techniques, pit looms, silk, and camels throughout! Plus a show-and-tell (and feel and photograph) at the end of the presentation.

Experience the exotic in your own home town; travel to Central Asia in this multi-media presentation. We have all seen Uzbek Ikat on the runway in New York and London, now travel back to Uzbekistan with Marilyn to watch the process of its production. Each thread manipulated, dyed, and woven into exquisite cloth – truly hand-crafted. Plus, a show-and-tell (and feel-and-photograph!) after the presentation.

This lecture/demonstration class offers a window onto one of the best-kept secrets of the weaving world – that you can weave with nothing but threads and a deck of cards! Originating in the Iron Age, this technique is enjoying a surge in popularity lately as it is re-discovered by weavers today. We will discuss the theory, the history, and many of the weaving techniques themselves, and view examples sure to awe and inspire.

In addition to these Presentations, Marilyn can also arrive at your Guild with her new documentary film: Interlacements: Threads & Lives (2019). For details on screening this film, see that page in the left sidebar.