Creative Crafts of the World – The Early Years (the 2020 year)

This page contains the video I created to help me teach the class "Creative Crafts of the World – The Early Years" remotely in the Fall of 2020 (a.k.a. the year of COVID 19). The class teaches simple folk arts from around the world and is aimed at 2nd and 3rd grade school children. The videos are mostly closeup footage of critical steps in these folk art techniques which would be difficult to demonstrate live in a ZOOM meeting.

Simple Knots

Cork Trivet

This craft introduces weaving by interlacing stripes of cork and making a trivet.


Mexican Retablo

Shell Necklace from Papua New Guinea

Aboriginal Dot Painting

God's Eyes

Making Potholders

In case you enjoy making these potholders and would like to continue: The looms that you have on loan are the 7" Harrisville Potholder Loom. You can use the loaned loom for the remainder of the school year, and purchase only more potholder loops. I recommend that you use the original Harrisville potholder loops (available from Harrisville and many other websites), I have found it impossible to work with some other brands. (I do not get a financial kick-back from Harrisville. :-) They simply have the better product.)

Pan Pipes


Native American Dance Paddles

String Art

Yarn Dolls

Mexican Tin Work

Straw Weaving

Maasai Necklace

Finger Loop Braiding

Twiddle Drum

Drawing Comics

Box Basket

Natural Dyes

Spanish Castanet