Card (Tablet) Weaving


Beginning Tablet Weaving (also called Card Weaving)

This is my most favorite weaving technique of all! When I saw what was possible using a simple  deck of cards to weave with, I was flabbergasted.

Weaving with just threads and a deck of cards? Is it possible? Yes! This ingenious technique has been around  since the Iron Age, yet produces beautiful contemporary bands that can be used as belts,  jewelry, bookmarks, trim, etc. The "Threaded-in Design " technique is taught in this beginner's class, but once you learn to weave with cards, there are lots of other, more challenging, techniques you will want to advance to; Card Weaving is practically inexhaustible! No previous weaving experience is necessary for this class . All materials will be provided, and at the end of class, the cards go home with you for many hours of continued weaving fun.

This technique is the best kept secret in the weaving world; strikingly fun, portable, offering pattern control unparalleled by even multi-harness looms, and guaranteed to attract a crowd when you weave in public.